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Polishing in Pittsburgh PA

Decorative Metal Coatings Company is an industry leader in the skill of Polishing in Pittsburgh PA. Polishing is a major application that makes your item shine with glitz. Decorative Metal Coatings Company applies a spit-shine like performance on all our projects giving it our all for your satisfaction.

Decorative Metal Coatings Company wants to continue to exceed our expectations and keep our spot as a big fish in this industry. We treat every polish and project as our only opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world. Our polishes are guaranteed to please and reflect not only the image looking back at you, but also our image of hard work and dedication.

Polishing Services in Pittsburgh PA

Polishing is a process that uses an abrasive that is glued to the work wheel. Silicon-based polishing pads or a diamond solution is used to enhance the effectiveness of the polishing process. In the first stage of polishing a 60 to 80 grit abrasive is used to start while a finer more delicate abrasive progressively follows through each stage. Aluminum Oxide is used on stronger metals such as alloy steel and carbon while Silicon Carbide is used on weaker metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper.

Polishing Company

Polishing in Pittsburgh PA is used to prevent contamination, create a reflective surface, prevent corrosion and enhance the overall look of an item. Most importantly, polishing is used to remove oxidation. Oxidation is tarnish that builds up on metal causing a rusted and neglected look to appear on the surface.

To assure that oxidation does not resurface for a longer period of time your metal object can be coated with a wax, oil, or lacquer. It can be used on cars, handrails, cookware, and architectural metals. To ensure that your items do not attain tarnish or a mold, polishing is a prime choice to choose. Decorative Metal Coatings Company guarantees a polish that you can see yourself in. Our polish is top-of-the-line and everything you would ever imagine a polish to be.

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I had a great experience with DMC they were so helpful in helping me find exactly what i was looking for. They explained everything to me step by step and in a friendly manner.

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