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Plating Services in Mira Mesa

Decorative Metal Coatings Company provides innovation in decorative and functional Plating Services in Mira Mesa.

Plating Services in Mira Mesa

Plating of Aluminum

Billet aluminum plates the best. Cast aluminum by nature is very porous and has a great deal of pitting. Chrome plating will not cover pitting. If you have a cast aluminum part that is pitted and requires a show quality finish, let us know before processing your order. Using our process of acid copper plating and hand polishing we can remove most of the pitting, however depending upon the casting of the part it may not be possible to remove all the pitting. You will be notified if your cast part will not be free of pits.

Plating of Aluminum Intakes

Aluminum intakes are cast aluminum and will have some pitting. The pitting is in the part due to the casting, not the plating. If your intake is severely pitted we will notify you before plating. New intakes plate the best. Yes, we can plate your used intake, but extremely old intakes that have many miles tend to absorb oil and gas into the part which results in pitting. Installation of your intake will require that washers be used under the intake bolts.

Plating of Brass

Brass plates very well. We also repair holes, cracks and dents on brass parts.

Plating of Bumpers

We provide a complete bumper restoration service. We straighten, repair dents/cracks and fill holes. (Help us out! Please mark or note any repairs you know are needed.) All bumpers are stripped down to the bare metal (sand blasted on the back), all repairs including straightening, realignment, dent and wave removal are then completed, the bumper is polished to a mirror finish and triple plated with copper, nickel, and chrome. We take great pride in our bumpers and provide you with the very best restoration service to finish your bumpers. So if you’re looking for a cheap job, go elsewhere.

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Plating of Pot Metal, Die Cast and White Metal

Due to the natural deterioration of this type of material it requires a great deal of work and time to restore. We can repair cracks and dents. In cases of severely deteriorated parts, filling pits, repairing cracks and dents can be achieved by hand filling and polishing. We do not grind out the pits. This is the most difficult metal to refinish and your parts are only handled by experienced personnel. All pieces go through an acid copper plate and buffing process. This takes a great deal of time and is very labor intensive but results in the best possible finish. Sometimes parts may be too deteriorated to restore to perfect condition. You will be notified in such a case. We reserve the right to refuse orders that will not be satisfactory to us.

Plating of Steel

We plate all types of steel. The final finish on a steel part is related to the age, condition and type of steel the part is made of. Old, rusted, pitted, deteriorated steel can be restored if there is enough metal left to work with. Sometimes the actual condition of the part cannot be known until the part is stripped. We can repair holes, cracks and dents in steel parts. Cast iron parts are porous and extremely rough and may not polish out and plate to a mirror finish. You will be notified if your steel part is in a condition that will not result in a proper finish. New parts generally turn out the best.

Plating Services in Mira Mesa

Plating Services – Why Decorative Metal Coatings?

Decorative Metal Coatings provides expertise in Plating services to fulfill even the most demanding applications. The following points highlight why Decorative Metal Coatings is a leader in Plating services:

  • Competitive Pricing: Decorative Metal Coatings has been providing quality Plating services for over fifteen years. Competitive pricing in Plating services is paramount to gaining and maintaining our customers in today’s competitive global marketplace.
  • Value Added: Artistic prides itself on meeting the customer’s needs.

About Decorative Metal Coatings:
We take pride in providing an excellent and timely service to our customers of Mira Mesa that will result in superior finished products and guaranteed satisfaction. In order to ensure you of this, we guarantee that all of our finished products are of the finest quality. We offer a guarantee like this because we are confident that you will be pleased with the finished product.

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