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Black Chrome Powder Coating in Hemet

Black Chrome Powder Coating in Hemet

Decorative Metal Coatings Company delivers countless powder coating possibilities to exceed you're every want and need including Black Chrome Powder Coating Services in Hemet. Decorative Metal Coatings offers our customers an option of solid Matte Black powder coating or a Luminous Black finish. Black Matter finish is a modern selection for a subtle look while the high gloss of the Luminous Black is of highly demanded it emanates professionalism and luxury on automobiles and other commodities. Decorative Metal Coatings is a prominent developer in the application of Black Chrome Powder Coating. The sleek finish is a great seller in the many available powder coat options we have here at Decorative Metal Coatings

Decorative Metal Coatings’s pretreatment options in junction with our powder coating services in Hemet including degreasing, Sandblasting and mechanical polishing or graining of basic materials, as well as chemical etching of products, can be provided to enhance powder coating adhesion.

Black Chrome Powder Coating Services in Hemet

Black Chrome Powder Coating in Hemet is a combination of metal polished, electro nickel plating and our proprietary Black Chrome Powder Coat. Decorative Metal Coatings is a one-stop company and metal polishing is one of our most wanted and needs process.

The procedure for metal polishing is based on the conditions of the metal base or roughness. We go from grinding, block filing, buffing and polishing to a mirror finish. We use over 10 different buffing compounds (pastes) and buffing wheels as well (see our metal polishing section for details). Is very important to use the right wheel, compound, and machine based on what base metal you are polishing, aluminum or stainless steel the hardness are not the same as well the procedure.

Black Chrome Powder Coating Company

Black Chrome Powder Coating in Hemet

Decorative Metal Coatings uses electro nickel plating as a base and corrosion protection coating. The high polishing and nickel plating gives the proprietary black chrome powders a very high end looking finish. Electroplating is a procedure of depositing thin films of metals by electro-statically charging the metals.

We then electro-statically charges the translucent black chrome powder coat that is administered to the surface. The powder is then baked until melted and created into a solid and illuminating coat is presented.

Our Company wants only the best for our customers and gives only the best for our customers. Therefore, through this process, we are very deliberate and diligent to ensure no air bubbles or defects are to be noticed. Decorative Metal Coatings is a notorious company for excellence.

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