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Powder Coating in Riverside

powder coating

Decorative Metal Finishing Company is a leading expert in the craft of Powder Coating in Riverside CA. We have master clear powder coatings to provide the highest resistance against corrosion, film build, coloring, and more. Our service for Powder Coating is in high demand in Riverside and well known for being of exceptional quality aesthetically, physically, and longevously. We handle every project with great diligence and care, which meets above and beyond our customer’s satisfaction. Decorative Metal Finishing offers a variety of Powder Coating possibilities ranging from solid colors to clears and translucent/tinted powders. Equipped with the right weaponry of top-of-the-line Powder Coating machinery, Decorative Metal Finishing is your prime choice for curing and coating in Riverside, anything from the smallest of items, such as motorcycle hinges and curtain rods, to heavy duty car frames and patio furniture.

Powder Coating Services- What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a dry baked powder that is tougher and more conventional than a liquid paint. It provides a more durable finish than liquid paints, while still presenting an attractive finish. Powder Coating is mainly chosen to coat the metals of household appliances, lighting, hardware, plumbing, and automobile, bicycle parts to marina and airspace artifacts.

Decorative Metal Finishing uses thermosets and thermoplastics, which uses polymer granules mixed with hardener, pigments, and other ingredients, to improve performance properties. A blasting is primary to insure freedom of oils, dirt, rust, mill scales, and another other impurities that would conflict with the properties of the powder coating. We then use a pretreatment, not done by all coaters, of a copper, nickel chrome plated base to protect much further to improve the adherence of the powder. Electrostatically, the powder is evenly distributed and cured under immense heat to form the skin.

Powder Coating Services- Why Powder Coating?

powder coating

It is a high-quality finish that is found on numerous items that are around you everyday. As items come in contact with weather and debris, they lose their luster and coat, but with powder coating the longevity of your products are extended because of the resistance it provides against impact, moisture, abrasions, corrosion, chemicals, weather, scratches and UV rays. The types of powder coating services we offer in Riverside are:

  • Oil Rub Bronze
  • Rustic Brass
  • Clear Powder Coating
  • Clear w/ Tint (translucent)
  • Black Chrome
  • Colors and Textures
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