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Silver Plating


Decorative Metal Finishing Company has provided quality decorative and functional silver plating services for over fifteen years. Our expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory silver plating services is currently employed in numerous industries.

Decorative Metal Finishing offers a wide range of silver plating services including Type I Matte, Type II Semi-bright and Type III Bright deposits. Purities up to 99.9% pure are available. Decorative Metal Finishing has the ability to underplate with our various nickel plating services including both bright electrolytic nickel, sulfamate electrolytic nickel and electroless nickel deposits as well as copper plating if required.

RoHS compliant post plate chromates are available to comply with inhibited deposits if specified. In addition, sealed nitrogen-filled packaging is available to eliminate the potential for tarnishing of uninhibited deposits. This exceptional packaging system can extend the shelf life of products plated with our silver plating services ensuring low contact resistance and solderability at time of assembly.

Silver Plating Services – Silver Properties

Silver is an extremely ductile metal with a brilliant white luster. It has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals as well as the highest optical reflectivity in the visible range (gold performs better in the infrared range).

Silver has been known since ancient times for making jewelry and high-end utensils and is generally considered a precious metal. In reality silver is more properly designated a semi-precious metal due to the fact that it readily tarnishes forming silver nitrate or silver sulfide on the surface when exposed air or water containing ozone or hydrogen sulfide.
silver plating

Silver Plating Services – Why Decorative Metal Finishing?

Decorative Metal Finishing provides expertise in silver plating services to fulfill even the most demanding applications. The following points highlight why Decorative Metal Finishing is a leader in silver plating services:

Competitive Pricing: Decorative Metal Finishing has been providing quality silver plating services for over fifteen years. Competitive pricing in silver plating services is paramount to gaining and maintaining our customers in today’s competitive global marketplace.
Value Added: Artistic prides itself on meeting the customer’s needs.

About Decorative Metal Finishing:

We take pride in providing an excellent and timely service to our customers that will result in superior finished products and guaranteed satisfaction. In order to ensure you of this, we guarantee that all of our finished products are of the finest quality. We offer a guarantee like this because we are confident that you will be pleased with the finished product.

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