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Decorative Metal Finishing Company is skilled in the art of Patina, also known as Living Finishes, and Antiquing. Be it Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Satin, Nickel, or Tumbled Copper, Decorative Metal Finishing Company has perfected the craft of adding age and a distinguished look to the face of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Decorative Metal Finishing understands that finding reasonably priced antiques is an anomaly today, but Decorative Metal Finishing can give you the luxury of having antiqued looks for a fraction of the price.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company creates stunning Patina Finishes that are continuously requested as well as the industry. The process of Patina can be applied from the smallest to largest products. From Metallic to Pewter effects our Patina applications are the perfect touch. Patina can be applied over a base coat or it can also be applied over color glazes to attain a custom multi-dimensional look. Decorative Metal Finishing Company is associated with major paint providers which extends our ability and creativity when custom making our finishes.

Patina Services – What is Patina?

Patina is a naturally occurring tarnish that forms on the surface of copper, bronze, and similar metals through oxidation or other chemical process. Oxides, Carbonates, Sulfides, and Sulfates form on the surface of metals during exposure to atmospheric elements. It takes many years to develop under natural weathering. Patina Finishes give you this look effortlessly.

Aluminum sulfide creates the look of blues and blacks, cupric acids that of blue-green, and ferric nitrate a yellow-brown. Decorative Metal Finishing has mastered the art of the aged aesthetic. In art form patina can be deliberately applied to newly made products to add the look of antiquity. The color of patina varies due to the reaction of elements ranging from beige-yellows to blues, greens, reds, and blacks.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company creates every patina to look as natural as an authentic patina. Being a sophisticated company, we appreciate a sophisticated finish. Our patinated projects always end with satisfied customers. Decorative Metal Finishing is well known for our distinct touch. If you want the best of the best look no further. With our endless number of return clientele our excellence is proven in our expertise of patina and antiquated finishes.
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