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The technique of Electroplating is a popularly requested method that administers at Decorative Metal Finishing Company. Requested by both the everyday people and industries alike, electroplating is important when surfaces need to be of no obstruction. Decorative Metal Finishing Company handles electroplating with professionalism and proper maintenance giving your commodities the utmost care.

Electroplating – What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the disposition of a metal coating onto an object by applying a negative charge and putting into a solution, which contains a metal salt. The metal salt contains positively charged metal ions that are attracted to the negatively charged object and are reduced to metallic form upon it. It is commonly used to alter the surface properties of many metals and plastics. Only the color of the metal should change if done properly.

The surface is dirt-free with no obstructions with the bonding of the plate latches to the metal material. The metal material to be plated is immersed in the aqueous solution of the electrolyte and is attached to the negative end of the power source making the metal material the negatively charged cathode of the electrolyte. After this step is thoroughly conducted and completed the metal is rinsed and post treatments are applied.

Electroplating – Why Electroplating?

Electroplating is used to reduce abrasive wearing, improve wear resistance, offer corrosion protection, and to be used as a decorative surface. Electroplating can be offered as gold, silver, chrome, and other custom colors to give your object a unique look and exclusive touch. The advantages of electroplating are notable and prominent. Electroplating enables reduced costs as well as improved properties on your object with one single use making this service highly requested.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company suggests electroplating for silverware, jewelry, automobiles, medical tools, light fixtures, steel bolts and nuts, and things of that nature. Electroplating is a service that can be applied to almost any metal effectively. In many industries electroplating is used to get the most use out of their machines and receive better functioning from them.

Our Company wants only the best for our customers and gives only the best to our customers. Therefore, these processes are executed diligently. Decorative Metal Finishing is a notorious company for excellence.

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