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Clear Powder Coating

Decorative Metal Finishing Company treats every project with diligence and expertise. Decorative Metal Finishing has mastered the Clear Powder Coating process providing the clearest transparency finish to every surface that adds just the right amount of brilliance. We take pride in making every project we encounter a top priority and we take our time in making them achieve a flawless finish.

Decorative Metal Finishing administers only the best coatings such as Epoxy, Urethane, Acrylic and many more which are selected depending on the look our customers wish to obtain. Furthermore, our leading experts possess the ability and patience to apply precision coatings on all types of Metals. Decorative Metal Finishing Company’s intricate labor and proven track record creates a superior foundation that we continue to uphold in this industry.

Clear Powder Coating Services – What is Clear Powder Coating?

Clear Powder Coatings add gloss and distinctive finishes to surfaces with no added pigments leaving a completely transparent film after drying. Clear powder coating comes in several grades of gloss but even do 3 are the most popular ones and are; 90%, 40-60% and 10-20% gloss. The Clear Powder Coats reduce paint solvent emissions that are harmful to the environment. It protects your car from potential damage by acting as a shield to take on the damages from harmful particles, hazardous weather, and natural deterioration. Since Clear Powder Coating undergoes so much abuse it has to be maintained throughout its use. It will scratch, oxidize and dull because it has no pigments, it solely protects your paint and adds radiance. Also, by using clear coats, our team here at Decorative Metal Finishing is able to create more specialized colors for your products. For this reason Clear Coating is popularly used by our customers on the surfaces of their automobiles, furniture, door hardware, lighting and plumbing faucets and fixtures.

Clear Powder Coating Services – Why choose Clear Powder Coating?

Clear Coating benefits you in the long run. The durability that is provided by clear coating will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars because of the protective barrier that it surrounds your product with. We administer every adhesive application with the utmost caution so every maneuver is perfect. At Decorative Metal Finishing your clear coat will be the cherry on top, shining radiantly and lustrously.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company takes our customer satisfaction seriously and we want you to get the most out of your product. Decorative Metal Finishing Company participates in competitive pricing to ensure that you get the best price and the most satisfaction.

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