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Chemical Stripping Rust

Rust is a pain that shows the abuse an item was subjected to due to weather and environment. Decorative Metal Finishing Company uses the process of acid dipping to strip the object of the thick and flaky rust that is encompassing or has already overcome the commodity. In the Chemical Stripping of Rust the coating must be oxidized to an ionic state.

Depending on the type of stripping process that was conducted, immersion or electrolytic, oxidation comes from electric current or selective chemistry. Decorative Metal Finishing Company always practices new ways to get powerful outcomes for our customers so we have advanced our acid dips to three different types of acid:

Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) – Hydrochloric acid is used in the process of “Pickling” Steel. Before a rusted metal can be subjected to the process of rolling, galvanizing, or other methods, it must first be subject to the removal of iron oxide, or rust. Decorative Metal Company uses HCI to remove all rust and paint. If the metal is more electrochemically active then HCI is the best choice. Adding an inhibitor can also remove a nickel deposit from copper-plated steel while leaving the copper intact. Diluted with water, HCI is a more sensitive way to strip rust off of an object. Hydrochloric Acid is Decorative Metal Company’s more employed Chemical Rust Stripping Process.

Phosphoric Acid – Phosphoric acid is directly applied to the surfaces of iron, steel, and other strong metals. The phosphoric acid turns from a reddish-brown iron oxide to a black ferric phosphate. The phosphoric acid is used as a gel referred to as “naval jelly” or is turned into a green liquid used for dipping like an acid bath. After the “Rust Converter” treatment, the black coating that covers the object will be scrubbed off, removing all rust. However, the cover can be left on to provide further corrosion protection. Decorative Metal Finishing uses this process on the surfaces of rusted iron and it has been proven to remove all rust effectively.

Electrolytic Acid – Electrolytic Acid is a more environmentally safe chemical stripping process. Electrolytic Acid offers fast stripping rates, however may cause damage to the metal. It produces minimal build-up, inexpensive operation, and strips multiple coatings in one operation. When a client wants his stripping done fast this is Decorative Metal Finishing Company’s go-to method if the customer is interested in the process. Electrolytic Acid is also environmentally safe due its minimal disposal costs and nearly no chelating agents.

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