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Brushed Only


Alongside Decorative Metal Finishing’s various services we provide the option of “Brushed Only.” Our clients that come through our doors always have a unique vision in mind. Here at Decorative Metal Finishing, we strive to supply you with that exact vision, making having the real thing excel your every expectation and hope. When asked to provide a brushed metal finish we do so enthusiastically. Brushed metal is a very exclusive look Decorative Metal Finishing can provide for our customers.

Brushed Only – What is Brushed Metal?

Brushed Metal is metal that has been sanded or abraded to create a distinct decorative finish. Fine lines are created on the metal’s surface that is very apparent. This type of finish is used mainly on household fixtures and as decorative accents since it is less reflective than other finishes.

Doorknobs, lighting fixtures, showerheads, bathroom fixtures all can be brushed to accent a home in the slightest ways. Brushed Metals also give off the effect of high-quality and appearance and is used in merchandising displays because of it. It is done typically on the visible face and is done by hand by us at Decorative Metal Finishing.

Brushed Only – The Process of Brushed Metal

Brushing Metal creates a finish that is not uniform. The metal is rubbed by sand paper and the surface of the metal is given a scratched appearance. Different grits of sandpaper is used to create different textures to ensure a unique finish. Depending on the desired appearance distinct marks or fine lines can be created. Sometimes the length of the brushing may not cover the entire object depending on the customer’s specific wants and needs.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company practices every possible way to give our customers a look that no one has. If you want something exclusive Decorative Metal Company is the provider for you. From our Brushed Metal Finish to our Antique Finish, we provide the right finish for all.

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