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Black Nickel Plating


Decorative Metal Finishing Company provides innovation in decorative and functional black nickel plating services. Our expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory black nickel plating services is currently employed in numerous industries.

Decorative Metal Finishing offers a wide range of black nickel plating services ranging from bright “jet-black” deposits to satin “charcoal gray” finishes. The characteristics and appearance of our black nickel plating services are a function of the basis material and/or underplating that is plated prior to the black nickel topcoat. Generally speaking, a highly polished substrate with a bright nickel underplate will result in a jet-black, bright finish often referred to as a “black chrome” appearance.

Conversely, a matte or satin substrate such as a machined or grained surface coupled with a satin nickel underplate such as electroless nickel will produce a satin charcoal gray appearance. The corrosion performance of Decorative Metal Finishing’s black nickel plating services is primarily a function of the total finishing system. If a specific corrosion performance is required the type, thickness and number of underplates used can be engineered to meet your finishing requirements.

Black Nickel Plating Services – Black Nickel Properties

Decorative Metal Finishing’s black nickel plating services are a codeposit of tin and nickel ina common plated layer. As a result the black nickel properties are a mix of that of nickel plating and tin plating. The hardness of the black nickel deposit is consistent with nickel deposits. However, due to its relatively thin deposit thickness of 1um (0.00004 inches) it can be susceptible to break through in high wear applications. Black nickel plating services by Artistic can be certified RoHS Compliant. Decorative Metal Finishing’s black nickel plating services provide a highly conductive surface and has excellent “throw” or ability to plate uniformly on complex geometries.

The codeposited tin in the black nickel affords an inherent lubricity exceeding that of common nickel deposits. An underplate of electroless nickel can further enhance the lubricity of the overall deposit. Black nickel can be used where high emisivity is required such as optics, solar panel applications, aerospace and defense weapons systems.
Black Nickel Plating Services – Why Decorative Metal Finishing?
black nickel plating

Decorative Metal Finishing provides expertise in Black Nickel Plating services to fulfill even the most demanding applications. The following points highlight why Decorative Metal Finishing is a leader in Black Nickel Plating services:

Competitive Pricing: Decorative Metal Finishing has been providing quality Black Nickel Plating services for over fifteen years. Competitive pricing in Black Nickel Plating services is paramount to gaining and maintaining our customers in today’s competitive global marketplace.
Value Added: Artistic prides itself on meeting the customer’s needs.

About Decorative Metal Finishing:

We take pride in providing an excellent and timely service to our customers that will result in superior finished products and guaranteed satisfaction. In order to ensure you of this, we guarantee that all of our finished products are of the finest quality. We offer a guarantee like this because we are confident that you will be pleased with the finished product.

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