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Antique Finishes


Decorative Metal Finishing Company are masters at antiquing. For over 15 years Decorative Metal Finishing has excelled progressively to reach the prestige that our company has obtained and continues to maintain. Antique Metal Finishing is a look of sophistication.

The look of age is a classy and distinguished appearance that is tasteful and timeless. Decorative Metal Finishing adds antique finishes to countless pieces of endless styles varying from small tea sets, mid-sized faucets and large metal pieces. When it comes to antiquing, some of our specialties are in the creation of Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Nickel and Antique Pewter.

Decorative Metal Finishing Company is not limited to the areas that metal finishes can take us to. We take on any project that is placed in our path and conquer it with ease and adroitness.
Antique Finishes Services——-

Antiques are the embodiment of aristocratic value. A well-polished antique tells a history while still being appealing to the eye. Decorative Metal Finishing Company appreciates this ideal and delivers this look with all its dignity and allure. Antiques are a timeless possession that exceeds time. Throughout the fades that come and go, the styles that only please for a short amount of time, and the new applications that can be added to existing items, a simple, clean and crisp antique will always satisfy and never go out of style.
Antique Finishes Company———

Decorative Metal Finishing knows the procedures, care, and ability needed to perfect the most aesthetically pleasing antique finish which is appreciated. Choosing our service will guarantee satisfaction with our work and your ending product. From the brass of copper to the midnight black iron, everything we touch is treated as a treasure.

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