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    Nickel Plating in San Diego

    nickel plating

    Decorative Metal Finishing Company has provided quality functional and decorative nickel plating services in San Diego CA for over fifteen years. Our expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory nickel plating services is currently employed in numerous industries.

    Decorative Metal Finishing offers a wide range of nickel plating services in San Diego CA including both Type I “dull” and Type 2 “brightened” deposits. Decorative Metal Finishing also has the ability to under plate with copper plating if required and can provide multi-layer duplex systems with an effective STEP voltage to provide the maximum corrosion performance possible.

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    Nickel Plating Services – Nickel Properties

    Nickel is a silvery-white metal with a slight yellow or golden tint. As deposited electrolytic nickel can have a very bright reflective shine, a satin appearance or a full-dull flat luster. Nickel is one of the four ferromagnetic materials at room temperature and is a fairly reactive element. However, nickel deposits are slow to react in standard atmospheric environments due to the formation of a protective, oxide surface providing excellent corrosion performance on most products.

    For applications requiring a bright appearance, bright watts nickel should be selected. For products of high deposit thickness that will be flexed sulfamate nickel is generally preferred as it has the best ductility of all electrolytic nickel deposits. Artistic does offer a very sophisticated bright watts nickel system that provides excellent ductile bright deposits in thicknesses up to and exceeding 0.0005”. For the solderable applications, sulfamate (dull) nickel deposits are recommended.

    As a general rule, unbrightened watts or sulfamate nickel deposits provide the best corrosion resistance as co-deposited inorganic compounds degrade corrosion performance. Minimal corrosion protection is provided in thicknesses less than 0.0003”, whereas good corrosion performance generally occurs between 0.0005-0.001” in thickness.

    nickel plating

    Nickel Plating Services – Why Artistic Plating?

    Decorative Metal Finishing provides expertise in nickel plating services for the people to fulfill even the most demanding applications. The following points highlight why Decorative Metal Finishing is a leader in nickel plating services in San Diego:

    • Competitive Pricing: Decorative Metal Finishing has been providing quality nickel plating services for over fifteen years. Competitive pricing in nickel plating services is paramount to gaining and maintaining our customers in today’s competitive global marketplace.
    • Value Added: Artistic prides itself on meeting the customer’s needs.

    About Decorative Metal Finishing:

    We take pride in providing an excellent and timely service to our customers that will result in superior finished products and guaranteed satisfaction. In order to ensure you of this, we guarantee that all of our finished products are of the finest quality. We offer a guarantee like this because we are confident that you will be pleased with the finished product.