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    1996 Don Lee Pl, Ste B
    Escondido CA 92029
    (760) 746-3378
    Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Sat: 9 am - 2 pm
    Sun: Closed

    Decorative Metal Finishing

    Decorative Metal Finishing is the leader in quality metal polishing, plating, powder coating and metal restoration. Over 15 years in business and still #1. Our services include metal finishing and plating services from copper plaiting, chrome, zinc and more. With the highest quality powder coated finishes our custom powder coating solutions offer durable finish. We Service Area includes all of North County San Diego and Most of San Diego County.

    Chrome Plating

    When you hear the words “Chrome Plating,” Decorative Metal Finishing should come to mind with our extensive Chrome Plating creations and satisfied customers covering Southern California area. When it comes to Chrome Plating, Decorative Metal Finishing have spent enough countless hours that have made our company experts in the art of chrome plating and innovators of the craft.

    Powder Coating

    Decorative Metal Finishing is a leading expert in the craft of Powder Coating. We have master clear powder coatings to provide the highest resistance against corrosion, film build, coloring, and more. Our service for Powder Coating is in high demand and well known for being of exceptional quality aesthetically, physically, and longevously.

    24K Gold Plating

    Decorative Metal Finishing Company is an industry leader in functional 24k gold plating services. Our fifteen years of expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory gold plating services is currently employed in numerous industries.


    Patina is a naturally occurring tarnish that forms on the surface of copper, bronze, and similar metals through oxidation or other chemical process. Oxides, Carbonates, Sulfides, and Sulfates form on the surface of metals during exposure to atmospheric elements.

    Car, Motorcycles & Boat's Restoration

    DMC, Specializes in High Quality Chrome Plating on Automotive, Classic cars and Motorcycles. Boat's We are experienced in all phases of metal repair and restoration processes.
    Our employees are experienced in repairing rust, corrosion, pitting and other surface defects. We provide triple plating on our chrome finishes.

    Electroless Nickel Plating

    Electroless nickel is a unique coating that does not require an external source of electrons as supplied in a traditional electrolytic plating cell. Decorative Metal Finishing Company is an industry leader in electroless nickel plating services.